The Refinery’s Services

Glasses Repair

Over the years I’ve repaired a lot of eye glasses for people, typically I require an hour to complete but some of the more minor fixes can be done while you wait.

Plastic frames are more problematic but if the damage is not severe I can still fix 90%.

I guarantee my work and parts.

Bespoke Design

A large portion of my training was taken up with concept, transmission of elements, and how to create a finished item that resonates with the customer.

It’s without a doubt the most enjoyable part of my business.

General Repairs

  • Chain solder/weld – I’ve can repair both minute and large chain links on any precious metals.
  • Ring sizing – I’ll happily quote on some of the more problematic rings.
  • Retipping claws – to keep stones secure. Stone replacement- I supply and reset stones in a variety of settings.
  • Reshank – is your ring shank pinching your finger or becoming thin from wear?
  • Restoration – reblocking, setting replacement, engraving.

Precious scrap and second hand jewellery trade/ purchase

We have a full second hand traders licence and buy scrap at a competitive price.


We offer a competitive price. For an quality industry appraisal by our experienced gemologist.


Restring Beads & Pearls

Again we offer a competitive price for an experienced and polished repair or new fabrication.

Contact Nick for to discuss your needs