Rings - Before and After Rhodium Plating

Why Rhodium Plate Jewelry? before and after

Is an intense highly reflective lustre finish usually applied to white gold, palladium and platinum jewellery.

It’s usually a byproduct of the platinum refining process being part of the platinum group.

The rhodium in industry is mostly used for your car in the form of a catalytic converter that filters emissions.

It’s also being used more recently in rechargeable batteries which unfortunately at the rate we are making them it has driven the prices of the product we using the plating process through the roof.

And with it created a criminal industry of stealing the converters from underneath cars.

It properties are very hard, high corrosion resistance, with a high reflectivity. It’s also like gold, chemically inert.

What does Rhodium Plating do to my jewellery?

What that all means is, with an electroplater your friendly neighbour hood jeweller can apply a beautiful finish to your jewellery that will keep it shining and resistant to wear and tear.

Being chemically inert means if you have a lower carat jewellery it will help with any skin reactions you may be struggling with.

The plating is only microns thick’s unfortunately, and for best results continued applications are needed, depending on how often you wear your beloved pieces of jewellery.

You could expect it last a year with everyday wear of your rings.

Earrings and pendants 2-3 years.

A good time to  redo the  treatment is with your free yearly clean and check (for customers only).

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