COVID-19 Status

Are We Open?  No

Can We Assist?  Yes

Blair and I will still be working instore during the isolation. You can contact us for optic repair (glasses) and watch batteries by calling Nick 020102934546 or Blair 021361207
And we can arrange a way to help you.
If you have work for us to do (clocks or Jewellery) we can courier to you, or send you an insured signature required courier bag to put your precious valuables in.
We are dedicated to our community, so please don’t hesitate to call either of us for questions or enquires.
I am still relying on scrap precious metal purchasing to be able to repair and create jewellery and will still continue to pay above current market rates if you have some to sell.
Please call me for an estimate.
This is a rare and bizarre time, I can honestly say I we haven’t experienced anything like it to date. And to be honest we as a human race are coping with this crisis with a level of control and responsibility that is limited its potential damage like nothing else we have endured in our past, I’m proud to be a kiwi.
Sincere regards

Nicholas Cowley.